700 Miles
A Beginning Of Something Wonderful
Ang Katulad Mong Walang Katulad
Armageddon Is Coming To Town
A New Day
Be With You
Buhay At Pag-ibig
Caught In A Line
Chatter’s Tale
Cycle Of Love
Days and Nights
Eleven Minutes
Hanggang Kailan
Heaven Knows (This Angel Has Flown)
I Feel Good, I Feel Fine
If I Could Speak My Mind
Isang Gabi
It’s About Time
Hey, Please
Just Like A Splendid Love Song
Kailangan Kita
Let Me
Lovers Go, Lovers Come
Moonlane Gardens
My Butterfly
Ode To Love
Pabango Ng ‘Yong Mata
Pag-ibig Sa Tabing-Dagat
She’s Leaving Home
Strike Whilst The Iron Is Hot
The Nerve
The Story Must Come To A Sudden End
When I’m With You
Yer So Special