We Proudly Give You “La Bulaqueña”

15 years ago, we released our third studio album “Moonlane Gardens”. A few weeks later we find ourselves going our separate ways. What was supposed to be an international release was left unpromoted. And who knows how many territories we have conquered and succeeding albums we could’ve been written and produced. We’ll never know.

Photo by Everywhere We Shoot. Shot on location at Casa Francisco Heritage Site in Pulilan, Bulacan. Barong by Frederick Berches.

When we reformed in 2017, a hard decision was to be made regarding the direction of a new album. The idea of doing an all-Filipino release is something new and enticing for us, so we gave it a shot. Eventually, during the developmental stage of the songs, we took it up an odd notch by incorporating traditional Kundiman vibes to our songwriting and arrangements. The production result surprised us all!

After four years in the making, we are proud to present to you our first album in 15 years and officially, our fourth studio album “La Bulaqueña.” 8 original materials plus a cover of the classic kundiman song “Bituing Marikit” by National Artist for Music Nicanor Abelardo and our own musical interpretation of “Awit Ni Maria Clara” which is a poem by Jose Rizal from Noli Me Tangere featuring award-winning soprano Lara Maigue on vocals.

Cover Art Illustration by Ige Trinidad, an impression of Juan Luna’s painting of the same title.

The title track is an allusion to Juan Luna’s painting of the same title which translates to “The Woman From Bulacan” while the cover art by Ige Trinidad is an impression of the same.

We hope you find this album to your liking. It’s like we have been reborn with this concept but still, the sound is unmistakably ours. We call it growth. In the coming days, we’ll share more stories about the tracks and our journey. For now, enjoy our labor of love.

Released under Lilystars Records. Stream on your preferred music sites: https://lilystars.co/orangeandlemons-labulaquena

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