Is this a reunion or a reformation?
Band reunions are cliché. This is a reformation of three members (Clementine, Ace & JM) who are involved in the songwriting, recording and production of the 3 albums credited to the name Orange & Lemons. We are back for good.

Why now?
More than burying the hatchet, it’s the music that haunts us. We miss the songs we worked hard in creating and we wish to protect our legacy and continue where we left off. 10 years is quite enough. Given our individual experiences in the music industry, we want to pursue a fresh independent approach in the music business.

Why is Mcoy Fundales not a part of this reformed Orange & Lemons?
When relations between Clem and Mcoy unraveled to breaking point, O&L officially split in September 2007. The mutual disinterest to work together remains to this day and the creative difference and direction is evident in individual works. The collective interest and decision to reform is solely between Clem (chief songwriter), Ace and JM (rhythm section).

Will you be releasing new material?
Yes. There are plans to write and record new music.

Will you be touring/playing live shows as Orange & Lemons?
As of now, we are keen only with working on new materials and reacquainting ourselves with our old catalog in future rehearsals. But we are open for any live performance opportunities when the proper time comes.

Where/How can I listen to your music?
The first album “Love In The Land of Rubber Shoes & Dirty Ice Cream” is not available on digital stores or streaming sites while “Strike Whilst The Iron Is Hot” and “Moonlane Gardens” is available on iTunes and Spotify except for Spotify Philippines.

To listen to our full albums, log on to the Music section of our website or  follow us on Soundcloud at http://soundcloud.com/moonlanegardens

What is the story behind the name?
The band name is coined from the XTC album Oranges and Lemons. It was suggested by the original drummer while surfing for ideas in a music magazine.

Who sang which song in O&L albums?
Oftentimes, listeners are confused who sang lead vocals in a particular O&L song. Only discerning fans can tell the difference. There is a simple guide to this. All odd numbered tracks in any album features Clem on lead vocals, while all even numbered tracks are sung by Mcoy.